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Name:Mr. andriana doang [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: andrie_02@ymail.com Y!: andrie_02@ymail.com
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. andriana doang at cimahi
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. andriana doang at cimahi
Address:Kp.cihanjuang no.38 Rt 02/08 desa cihanjuang bandung barat
cimahi 40559, Jawa Barat
andrie_ 02@ ymail.com
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Registration Date:Sep. 02, 2011
Last Updated:Sep. 20, 2011
Business Nature:Service of Gifts & Crafts category

Major Products / Services
  • Gantungan kunci karet
    Gantungan kunci karet di buat dari bahan karet pilihan cocok untuk souvenir, hadiah promosi etc.

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